Blog of Usage Mining Drones, AI and Big Data Transforming the Warfare Future

The warfare techniques accept undergone a complete makeover anytime aback the access of Big Abstracts and IoT (Internet Of Things) in this industry. It has added not in just the way opponents appoint in a war but aswell the fronts on which they get engaged, admitting the bind of its acceptance is still debatable.Taranis is an free stealth drones by BAE Systems. It is called afterwards the Celtic God of Thunder. This bombinate if programmed with a flight aisle in a pre-selected breadth can fly, analyze threat, ambition it and forward an active to the animal operator. The animal abettor reviews and again approves if appropriate for the attack. Taranis again fires and abort the ambition blackmail with a missile and flies aback home.

As of today aggressive broadly uses drones for administering surveillance, advance adverse target, atom submarines and mines. With advantages like getting abate and stealthier these drones accept been aswell begin acknowledged in carrying altruistic aid to abroad places. As it is distantly controlled the assurance of the pilot is aswell enhanced.Though this actuality doesn’t adventure abounding people, attributable to the achievability of killing, damaging or antibacterial autonomously. A huge account of humans accept accounting an accessible letter to UN (United Nations) to bulge the use of these weapons as it’s not bright how and area animal action or approval is approved by the machine. The animal ability can’t be absolutely replaced by these machines.Another agency that challenges the weapon able with AI, Big Data, IoT is that action fields and band of controls can be replaced by agenda networks replacing soldiers with hackers. If the advance is done on the arrangement itself these weapons can about-face awful suicidal. Authoritative things acute are authoritative them admirable too.These facts can be over- sided by organizations like the Defence Department of United States, the UN, and the CIA. These organisations in endure few years accept launched abounding initiatives application these weapons to ahead outbreaks of diseases, crisis (political, bread-and-butter & natural) and curtailment of resources.

The organisations like these and abounding added are able to accumulate huge baggy abstracts from assorted sources like letters from media, blog and amusing media posts application these technology. This abstracts was again acclimated to ahead and plan events/intervention as able-bodied assesses which accomplishments were successful, admitting it will yield time to enhance the calibration of appulse of these technologies.Using this abstracts to anticipate problems and advance accord may still be a continued way off, but because these are acquirements algorithms, every bit of abstracts they accept and every anticipation they accomplish brings them afterpiece to their goals.

Blog of Usage Mining Multilingual Web Sites and Optimization

Greetings to all my colleagues who plan and strive to achieve Google and the added Seek Engines happy.I bethink about 10 to 12 years ago a actual aciculate gal had a account letter committed mostly to SEO concepts and I abstruse a amount of things from her and her access to the riddles of what is right, what is white and how not to lose your PR or page or whatever it is we are aggravating to accomplish. In actuality about 18 years ago if I started designing web sites I went to the pages of the Gods, IBM, Microsoft, Norton, Intel, etc. and begin they were not afraid because they were so acclaimed they didn’t and still don’t accept to depend on Seek Engines to be found. Therefore, they did whatever they pleased. I came from an alike accomplishments alive with UNIX in 1969 and with IBM Mainframes afterwards that. Able-bodied the abbreviate of the continued adventure is I assuredly abstruse what it meant to Optimize a web website for the Seek Engines and in actuality spent a few years teaching Web Design and Optimization at the Universities in South America. I appear to be multilingual and I accept a acceptable apprenticeship in engineering, science and medicine.Then came the day I accomplished I did not apperceive how to SEO a multilingual website. Now that was asperous on the ego and a page I had just adapted from English to Spanish, English, Italian and French alone its position by 8 pages and went from a PR of 4 to a 0. Therefore, that is how this argument or blog came about. So actuality we go, anybody has his or her opinions but in this area, I advance you apprehend it well, it is the aftereffect of about a thousand audience with multilingual pages. Ideally, if you are traveling to accept a multilingual website it would be best to accept abstracted domains and absolutely abstracted files. Now that’s not consistently accessible but I did abstracted if I could by application and and if I couldn’t anniversary accent has its own binder beneath the arch accent including copies of the Images and all added sub folders. Therefore, anniversary accent looks like a altered site. Why you ask? Is it all-important to go to that extreme? Able-bodied it has to do with two things; first, the spiders or robots are unilingual. They allege the accent assigned in the Metas at the arch of the page and you had bigger accept the accent specified. If you accept addition accent on the page you had bigger accept it in quotes or brackets so the apprentice will avoid it contrarily if it cannot admit the words, it stops reading. Meaning the blow of the argument is useless. Secondly the SE’s are altered for anniversary language. German for archetype is not, anniversary accent has its own adaptation of the seek engines. Of course, it should be accessible that your keywords in English are absurd in Spanish and so on, so you accept to carbon the Metas for anniversary accent including the Title, Description, Language, Keywords, Key Phrases. I do achievement you are starting to see the picture. You cannot absorb two languages into one website unless you abstracted them as I accept mentioned. Do not try to use a accepted Images, PHP, CGI or Java file, a altered one in the binder for its own language. That aswell saves you from ambagious the URL of your site. The sub binder names should be blue-blooded as abbreviate as accessible application a Keyword from that accent if possible. Once central the Metas acutely specify the accent and the SE’s and the company is at home. This apparently a acceptable time to acknowledgment approved links admitting I am abiding you all use one up in the header. Bethink we all accept the addiction these canicule of not application the www or the http but did you apperceive that Google and added SE’s amusement anniversary aberration of that URL as a abstracted URL. It is simple abundant to cure and not lose all the acceptable credibility points, just add a approved hotlink (you accept to attending it up if you don’t apperceive it, a lot of sites will not let me cover it aback it’s HTML code) and now the SE’s apperceive that all variations are in actuality the absolute URL as shown. Took me a while to amount that one out and yes anniversary accent page will accept its own basis and in its attack will be its approved link. Now anniversary accent will accept its own PR and Page position in the SE’s.

No breach to PHP accompany but I still do not advance that the aboriginal page, the Basis be a PHP. I authority that it should be a apple-pie HTML5 basis and amuse do use the cipher to analyze which arrangement you are using, even PHP has fun with cipher from adaptation 4 not alive in adaptation 5. Old Java cipher is not alive in the new browsers giving a bulletin of bearding code. Now of advance we accept to analysis our keywords and if you are not accomplished in the additional languages afresh get some advice and if you or anyone abroad translates the page from English to say Spanish achieve assertive that the being accomplishing it is accepted with the language. There are abounding variations of Spanish but there is a accepted accepted anatomy but change is constant. I translated an Andes Mountain aggressive web website in German to allure German tourists to South America, I did my seek on keywords and grammar checks, and spelling checks, all was perfect. So I beatific it to a bout adviser acquaintance of abundance in Germany for his comments, I had been stationed in Germany for about two years in Heidelberg and batten chatty German. My acquaintance alleged me on the phone, was still laughing, and said there was no way he could put all of his action in an email. He said your German is letter absolute for 20 years ago and it is absolute High German but in advertising, we do not use the academic accent we accept a new adaptation that is added common. This is accurate for all languages, if I’m speaking to some one I still use the academic adaptation as a assurance of account but if I’m autograph I alleviate my belt do a abstract and run it by anyone from there not some one who was there 20 years ago. It is accurate for all of the languages, accept me I just fabricated a bout 2 years ago and was afraid at the changes and the informality, in commercial they allege to you as if you were a affiliate of their ancestors not as if you are a stranger.I will not bother traveling into a continued abuse about actual grammar, spelling and accents. As a French speaker, I am awful affronted if anyone writes to me after accents. We do not appeal as abundant in English as they do in added languages. Adapt and adapt again. There are a amount of accomplished programs to analysis spelling and grammar and acceptance and they are bigger than Microsoft Word. If you’re traveling to plan multilingual, advance in the accoutrement you charge and acquisition some accompany overseas. Try, I accept and accept accompany about the world. If I do a website in added than one language, I usually change the accomplishments colors for anniversary accent and generally accept altered photos for the aboriginal page aggravating to be added in tune with that speakers taste. Don’t know? Go fishing in Google and appointment agnate sites in added countries it’s amazing how altered we are and if you acquaint time, date or temperature bethink to change to the architecture and appearance of that language. For heaven’s account bethink to use icons, buttons, and card tabs in the actual accent and don’t use home or back, it is offensive. Yes, apologetic about that, it agency you accept to accommodate your card codes and if you accept as abundant argument as you should afresh pay absorption to angle rules in anniversary language. Also, if you’re absorbed in your absorb statement, it’s altered in added languages. E-mail may be a accepted chat but it’s [correo] in Spanish not Email. Your company accept to feel that you are a acquaintance speaking to him, appearance your best ancillary and go the added mile. Able-bodied now, as we all apperceive there is a lot added to do for the SEO of a website and that I leave in your able hands.

I do not do Sexual, Pornographic, Gambling, Dating or Escort sites; if you do, the accent is actual special. Now one agenda about centralized links in these sites, do not hotlink to the abbreviate address, I advance the abounding URL abode for anniversary page and clear and the acknowledgment links as well. Bethink on anniversary basis page to action a hotlink to the added languages blue-blooded in their corresponding language. Getting alien links can be actual difficult abnormally in the beginning. We all attempt with accepting acceptable accordant links. Yes, I use the Argument in the Alt of cartoon for key letters or key words cerebration of the robot. Last but not least, bethink a abstracted sitemap for anniversary language. Application the aloft guides and accepted acceptable SEO techniques I accept maintained one website on aboriginal page of Google with a PR4 aback 1998 and suffered no hiccups if Google changes their algorithms. That website is for a baby boondocks in Venezuela, South America but it’s a amount one website in all of South America for tourism.Lastly is the area Meta tags. Google has abode tags too which are actual accessible but with in the page I accept begin these to be advantageous abnormally in multilingual sites. With publishing restrictions on HTML cipher in the commodity I will name the metas and you can attending up their syntax.geo.regiongeo.placenamegeo.positionICBMI achievement this is of some abetment to all of you alive on multilingual pages. I am consistently blessed to acknowledgment a question. Acceptable Luck and God Bless.Oh, yes who am I? Apparently one of the oldest Web Designers who is still alive at 77 years of age.July 2015